Take good care with Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare.

A complete ServiceCare plan for £29 a month*

Looking after your Mercedes-Benz is simple.

That’s because you know exactly how much your scheduled servicing costs will be. Prices start from £29 a month, guaranteeing the price of parts for labour for up to three services. Cover also includes additional recommended items such as brake fluid, air filters and screen wash.

To find out exactly how much your monthly cost will be, simply visit our ServiceCare Calculator.

ServiceCare benefits.
Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive cover
Whatever the age of your car, ServiceCare includes all parts and labour for up to 3 services. This includes additional recommended items such as brake fluid and screen wash.

Guaranteed price

Guaranteed price
With ServiceCare the price of parts and labour are guaranteed for the length of your plan. That means no rising costs or nasty surprises.

Transferable plans

Transferable plans
If you sell your car, you can pass any unused services to the new owner – so you won’t lose out if you’ve paid for your plan upfront.

Pay how you please.

Pay how you please

Monthly payments - Pay monthly and your costs can be spread over 2 or 3 years - so it's up to you how much you pay each month.
Upfront payment - Pay a one-off, upfront payment and get the added benefit of being able to pass on any unused services if you sell your car.